Green investments

Independent power producer (IPP) solutions

Our primary business activity and strategy for change is independent power production. Better Energy is an IPP company, and our large-scale solar systems are standalone IPP units. As a power producer, we generate income from the sale of electricity. We also have the option of fully or partially divesting our solar systems.

To deliver a deeper impact on our target markets, we tailor our approach to fit the distinct needs and circumstances of each market. In some cases, co-creating solutions with partners may be the best approach. Strategic partnering enables us to exploit our full capabilities, scale up our operations and achieve greater impact. Larger scale also results in lower prices.



Partnering to add value

We build financing together with partners and investors to ensure that all parties reach their objectives. Strong relationships enable us to create more innovative solutions with unique revenue opportunities.

There is a growing tendency for investors to enter at earlier stages in the project development process, and this gives rise to new financial solutions. Better Energy provides partners and investors with opportunities to invest in many layers of the capital stack and in larger market portfolios. Better Energy can also continue to take an active role in managing assets and project portfolios in multiple markets.


Asset management

Managing assets has become more complex with grid balancing responsibilities and power sales. Although still in the early stages on many markets, these services will become critical in future energy systems with renewable energy power sources.

Better Energy offers a wide range of services that are supported by our service technology centre. We monitor and manage all performance and commercial activities throughout the project life cycle. The goal is to achieve a higher asset value and reduce risk by optimising processes and on-the-ground performance.

Customers can leverage our in-house technical, financial, legal, and O&M expertise and create individual solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. Customers benefit from having highly trained professional teams proactively manage and operate their assets. Better Energy covers operational risk and optimises returns.

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