Land & Development

Partnering with landowners

Better Energy partners with landowners to lease or purchase land for the development of large-scale solar parks. Developing a solar park is an effective way to maximise the value of land.

We continually fill our pipeline with a large pool of suitable sites and many projects that are under development. A large pipeline of projects enables us to quickly scale up in markets to achieve the capacity needed to make a real impact.


Partnering with developers

Working together with local developers who have extensive market knowledge, expertise and established local contacts speeds up the pace of implementation and ensures that we achieve long-term change in different country contexts.

We have international experience financing and constructing large-scale solar energy parks and an innovative approach with full coverage of the entire value chain. Mastering the entire value chain enables us to reduce overall capital expenses while increasing lifetime and performance of solar energy systems.

Better Energy has a proven track record of delivering utility-scale projects on time and with outstanding technical standards. We also have experience negotiating and drafting agreements to mitigate many risks.

Multiple use of land

Each solar park is an opportunity to add value to a piece of land. The goal is to use the same land area for multiple purposes and productions.

Solar park installations typically use less than 5% of the land. That leaves 95% of the land available for other activities such as crop production, livestock grazing and biodiversity enhancement.

A Better Energy EcoPark with multi-purpose use of land turns a one-time investment into a steady stream of income for over 25 years. Landowners can diversify their land use, increasing revenues and overall land value. Previously unused land can suddenly be double farmed and provide long-term, predictable income.

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