Solar Systems

Better Energy Solar System

We engineer our own systems to reduce cost and construction time, and at the same time, increase durability and lifetime.

Our solar parks and services are engineered to last for generations:

*  Tier 1 suppliers with high innovation, quality, capacity, and delivery security

*  Solid partnership with Huawei Technologies on inverters and world-leading information and 
    communication technology (ICT) solutions

*  Economies of scale through leveraged purchasing

*  30+ years park lifetime

*  5-year EPC warranty

*  30-year full asset management

On-site solar systems

Better Energy delivers turnkey solar systems on-site to large commercial and industrial energy consumers. The electricity produced by the systems feeds directly into the supply of these energy consumers. We provide professional support and insight to companies on financing, trends and technology to improve performance and reduce costs.


Better Energy O&M: predictive maintenance

Better Energy offers market-leading O&M services. Partners and customers can choose the service level they need, from handpicked solutions to full service agreements.

We have gained knowledge over the years by tracking irradiation, temperature, wind speed, transformer status, and studying the relationships between variables. Experience helps us to predict mechanical issues, plan maintenance and avoid downtime.

Better Energy uses data and experience to forecast and maximise yield, design and plan new parks, forecast the weather, schedule maintenance, manage demand response and predict long-term revenues.

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